Did you know about… A Student of the Real Estate Game?

This is the first part of a weekly series in which I will show, review, or talk about other interesting blogs in the real estate investment sphere.

Today we start off with a blog that is already quite well known. It exists for almost 10 years and is written by a very experienced real estate investor. He does not only work in real estate, he “lives” real estate.

You might have guessed it by now, I am talking about the blog A Student of the Real Estate Game by Joe Stampone.

Overview of A Student of the Real Estate Game

Joe writes about his love for real estate (why else would you name his very first post Why I love real estate and you should do too). The blog includes not only general articles about the real estate industry but also articles about real estate careers, how to privately or passively invest into real estate or simply where you can study real estate. Joe has a vast experience, as he is a vice president at a New York based real estate investment company called Atlas Real Estate Partners where he is responsible for acquisitions and investments. However once you start reading a bit between the lines you will quickly see that he is in charge of so much more than just acquisitions.

Besides the blog post, you can find several free eBooks, ranging from how knowledge of already successful real estate operators, to university and real estate crowdfunding. Go check them out.

Why I think A Student of the Real Estate Game differs from other real estate blogs

The most compelling reason why I think this blog (it actually is a whole website with lots of other stuff on it, however the blog is probably the core) is different than many other real estate blogs that I know is that Joe writes from a perspective of a business professional rather than a private investor. This makes a huge difference. I often read through other blogs that deal not only with real estate but also with investing in general. These blogs are usually run by people talking about how they want to be financially free in let’s say 5 years. Then they show their current portfolio and discuss in depth how they can save the last $ 20 each month by buying yesterday’s bread. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like these blogs and I think they are helpful. But from time to time I highly enjoy reading about someone who does not think about the next best stock where he or she can invest their $ 1,000 monthly saving’s rate. It is just enjoyable reading for example about how a professional investor analyses a potential transaction, or if there is an interesting tool out there that quickly analyses a rent roll with 1,000+ entries, or how the structure an investment memo. This is a whole different story.

My top 3 reads

There are certainly a few gems on his blog worth reading. Here is a randomly picked top 3 list.

  • One article targets people who recently finished their university studies and try to break into the industry. Joe writes about what he looks for when hiring a real estate acquisitions analyst.
  • A comparatively short article is the one in which he describes why he is not ready to do his own deals yet. If you are reading between the lines you see that he talks less about the investment of buying one or two apartments each year, but more about building a scalable real estate business.
  • Another one on real estate careers. Here, Joe is having an interview with one of the most famous real estate guys, Dr. Peter Linneman. This blog post is all about real estate careers, what characteristics and skills successful real estate entrepreneurs and graduates should have, a list of some of his favourite books and much more.

Who is this blog for?

First of all, everyone who is more serious about real estate should read his blog posts. But of course there is also a target group. In my opinion especially 2 groups will benefit the most:

  1. Graduates how want to break into the real estate investment industry and
  2. Young professionals because you will get a lot of new investment ideas and tools which might be helpful on a daily basis.

Your turn

What do you think about A Student of the Real Estate Game? Did you already know this blog? What do you like, what did you dislike?

Leave some comments guys!




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